Saturday, August 4, 2012

So, finally, we begin with the lessons!
            Initially, In Lessons 2 and 3, I will post a set of 24 basic patterns, and then a quilt project with 12 patterns.  After that, I am going to post a new “themed” lesson on this blog each month, with at least four patterns to go with it. It is best if you learn to draw each pattern first, on a 4” X 4” card.   Then you will be practiced enough to use the pattern in your art.
There will be four types of patterns:
1.     Fillers—small background art
2.     Objects—stylized pictures of real objects or things
3.     Eye-carriers—long or moving shapes that carry the eye (rope, ribblon, etc.)
4.     Abstracts—abstract art

If you are just learning, you may copy and trace my designs. You are always allowed to use or trace my designs if you credit me as your source.  You may call your art creations “Profusion Art Adaptations.”

Copying and tracing are good methods of learning how to do art, though you can’t take credit for being the “artist.” Eventually you’ll get practiced enough to create your own designs.

Once I have my 4”X4” cards drawn, I use them again and again in any piece of work I want. Sometimes I even trace in time-consuming backgrounds—having already done the work once. I can move my card under my drawing as I need to for filling in areas of space.

Whenever I can, I draw from real life. Real life offers an artist many more options than drawing from a picture or from memory. It’s interesting to note that different artists see different things in a real person, animal, plant, or scene.  Notice, in the picture below, what drawing I got as I drew from real sagebrush.

Sagebrush and my drawing

Now on to Lesson 1!

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