Saturday, August 4, 2012


Lesson  3:  Crazy Quilt

This illustrates how you can "draw" your own quilt using nearly any pattern

          This is an exciting lesson because you will do your first project using "Profusion Art" patterns—plus anything else you want to add to it. Again, be neat and take your time because, as promised, there are 12 quilt patterns to draw onto 4”X4” cards, as well as your crazy quilt to design and draw. This is a simple lesson, though it will consume time. (Time—like the 15 minutes here and there that may otherwise be wasted.)  Don’t forget how portable this art is.

Tip:   You can work on one square at a time while doing the following:
1.       Waiting at the dentist or doctor’s office
2.       Waiting for a child at an appointment
3.       While watching TV
4.       While resting
5.       Any time you have a wait of any kind on your hands

Here are the 12 quilt block patterns below arranged in two triangles per square.  You may also do it that way if you wish.

Here are the instructions for those patterns below.

       Assignment:  After you have drawn your 12 patterns on 4”X4” cards, make a plan for your crazy quilt, choose the patterns you’ll use in it, and draw it up! Have the time of your life.   (For an example of how to do this project, refer to the July (7) previous post  [not the sidebar]  called "How is it done?"   It gives you a picture diagram on how to create the plan and make the quilt.) 

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