Monday, August 13, 2012


Lesson  4:  Project Clean

If you found the last lesson too elementary, this lesson takes a step in a new direction. You will be adding pictures of real objects. They are stylized or simplified, but it is easy to tell what they are. The rest of the squares are abstract and can be used as eye-carriers or filler. 
To see an example of how I’ve used these patterns in “Clean,” go back to the Tuesday, July 31st posting.

Tip:  Use a variety of light, medium, and dark values to create a more interesting design.

Below are six squares with seven patterns.

Pattern instructions follow for each square: (Sponges and Water Globs are shown as separate squares)

Assignment:  Use these seven patterns, plus any other patterns you wish, to create a new work of art.

"Clean" by Marie Scott  (This picture was made using the seven previous patterns, plus some basic patterns.)

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