Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Examples of Profusion Art

On the left, in the picture below, are squares of patterns used to create the piece of art on the right. The theme is "Love."

"Love"  by Marie Scott

            These "Specialized Patterns" below,  along with the "Basic Patterns and Textures shown in the picture after this one, are used to create the finished piece of Profusion Art, "Clean."

Specialized Patterns
Basic Patterns and Textures

         Shown below is the finished piece of Profusion Art--"Clean," on a theme as you can see. By using the Profusion Art squares with words, the picture actually captures a fun feeling of cleaning or being clean. One of the strengths of Profusion Art is it's ability to address a topic and have MEANING. It uses both the words of the left brain in combination with the art of the right brain. The impact of the message can be powerful.
"Clean"   by Marie Scott 

         Other examples of practical uses for Profusion Art are shown in the pictures below. Notice the captions under the pictures.

Artwork done for one born in the Chinese year of the dragon.
        These last two gold-lettered names are surrounded by the favorite things these people (children) love. Carter loves camping, sports, Sponge Bob, and  dancing to his favorite artist's music. Andrew loves sports and technology.

        As you can see, this type of artwork may be used to make special gifts or heirlooms for friends, family, and co-workers. There is no limit on what or how it may be used. Above all, it's so fun, healing, and addicting!

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