Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2013

The Magical World of Underwater

It has been a whole year now since my partner and I started this blog. So this month our celebratory theme is of the magical world of underwater—and you never know what you may find in the depths of the ocean.

          But first, if you have been making and keeping track of the 4X4” squares we talked about in the beginning, you should have quite a pile of them by now. If not, you can always start back at the beginning and make those squares from the tutorials. There are at least four per month.

They are great creativity starters, or prompts, that you can pull out of an envelope or scrap book.

Here are a small number of them.

          This month’s coloring page is either just a coloring page, (actually, there are two of them), or it can be a 3-D coloring and craft project as framed and shown at the top of the page.

         You can make one of two different scenes, or you can make both scenes if you like.

          In addition to the two coloring pages, I have given you one underwater background and two different cutouts. One cutout is a water dragon with a mermaid, and the other is just a mermaid. Choose the mermaid.

(WARNING:  Believe me, the dragon/mermaid duo is a bear to cut out even with tiny scissors. It requires better schirenschnitta skills than I have.)
Why would I create such a scissor-contortionist picture? I’m still wondering that myself.

          If you want to copy and paste all of it in color now, here it is below.

This is the background
This is the easy-to-cut-out mermaid paste-on
This is the very-hard-to-cut-out dragon and mermaid paste-on

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  1. I like the dragan design .thanks for sharing