Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 4

Week 4

This tree tutorial is more of a traditional tree; very basic and good to learn how to draw. You can make those branches just as thick and bushy as you want. If you notice, every tree you draw free hand will be a little different, just as in nature. Be sure to experiment and try different things with your trees—maybe the branches droop down farther, or raise their arms up straighter, or spread out farther. Put leaves on your trees, or hanging moss, or birds, or owls, or anything you like. Because of the huge variety of trees in the world, there is nearly unlimited inspiration.

This is my last diverse example of family tree charts. It’s English, so I’ve used the English rose. If your family hails from Asia, Europe, South America, Australia or anywhere on earth, look up examples of the folk art and create similar patterns to design your own family picture charts. It’s so much fun, and you might catch the genealogy bug along the way. Doing this kind of art project is guaranteed to make you proud of your roots—as you should be.

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