Monday, November 5, 2012

Lesson 9

Lesson 9:  Christmas Tags

You know you’re extra special when someone puts a homemade tag on your gift. This lesson is on making Christmas gift tags, and includes four new patterns

Decorated gift tags
Many of you are working on Christmas projects now, or all year long, so I've put this lesson on the blog early.  

Here are templates of the gift tags.  Copy and paste them, then blow them up to whatever size you want.

Here are the four new patterns for this month. Use them, with previous patterns, to put designs on the gift tags.  You could also put designs on envelopes for your very special friends or family.

Assignment:  Use the new patterns, along with any others you choose, and decorate your gift tags.

Now, here are my “Twelve Days of Christmas” bonus chains. Use them with other patterns, to decorate the tree. 

Here is the tree for you to decorate.  Sit and watch it snow outside your window, or watch, (mostly listen to), a Christmas video while you do your artwork.  Have fun!              

Copy, paste, and enlarge tree as desired

 When I tell you to decorate your Christmas tree, I don’t mean to hang real balls and wrap real tinsel. I mean to do what profusers do and PROFUSE!  Be different and creative. See what you can come up with.

And have yourself a very merry Christmas!

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