Monday, November 5, 2012

Lesson 8

Lesson 8:  Leaf Profusion

Leaf Color Palett

Artists have painted leaves, painted on leaves, made leaves into designs, used leaves to enhance designs—you name it.  Leaves are one of my favorite subjects, and because of their prolific variety, lend themselves to endless artistic profusion.

A profusion of water colored leaves

Below are some leaves. Use them to decorate, to decorate with, or to decorate around.

Copy, paste, and enlarge these leaves to use in your artwork

Here are four new patterns and their instructions to add to our collection. Use them in combination with any patterns we have had, or any you make up, and see what beautiful designs you can create.

Assignment:  Create a profusion of anything you’d like having to do with leaves.

These leaves have been decorated inside, or around, or both

These decorated leaves have been put on an acrylic rainbow background

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