Friday, September 27, 2013

Paper Beads

Paper bead keychain

This week’s project is almost purely a craft. The best you can do to use your artistic skills is to draw patterns or decorations along the borders of the beads, and on the very last inch of the paper strips.  There’s no end to the beautiful beads you could design if you wished.
Rather than put designs on these beads, I chose to use words, and I colored the edges. 
Just copy and paste the bead patterns, cut them out, roll them up over an orange stick or knitting needle, and glue the end in place.  Then you can shellac the beads and use them to make jewelry

The paper beads featured here

             As a child, I used to cut bead wedges from the pages of discarded magazines.  This craft has taken off over the years, and crafters continue to make a large variety of beads using this method.

Paper beads made from magazine pages

Make your beads this way, or design your own, as I did.  Have fun and see what beautiful
Beads you can create.

Enlarge for bigger sized beads

Teachers and parents, remember this project if you need Indian beads for costumes at Thanksgiving time.

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