Saturday, June 1, 2013


This month the fun is with fairies and flowers, but the tutorials are on the background patterns—and the odd mushroom. I will also offer two rose patterns for you to copy and trace.

The fairies in this color book picture are dancing and celebrating with their king and queen. You’re  welcome to trace the fairies into your pictures if you like.

One day my granddaughter and I went around the house and yard searching out the possible hiding places for fairies. It was a fun activity, and a good one for grandma’s crusty imagination. There can be magic in this world if we’re willing to create it—or just believe.

Fairies are just small people with wings added. Their wings can be of the butterfly, dragonfly, angel, bird, or bat type—any type, really. And their clothes can be ethereal, hardy and rough, short everything, long everything, and from all types of nature. For instance, one of the fairies I drew had short pixie-like clothing and wings made of spider web.  (Not pictured)

Here are two rose picture patterns, and examples of those patterns painted with acrylics. I painted pink and deep plum colored roses, but you can make the roses any color you like.

Framed and on the wall. Voila!

Now, for your first tutorial—

This Bamboo Sky can be used in any picture that needs sky in it.  It can be colored with blues and purples, oranges and yellows, or magenta’s and pinks—any combination of three or four colors close on the color wheel.

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