Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013

A wooden box with flowers painted in acrylics 


        I’m giving you four more flowers this month, all of which were also used in last month’s coloring page.
        I use flowers in my artwork frequently—realistically, or un. They can be oversized or undersized. They can be used to frame a picture, create a mood, add color, or even carry a message.
        During the Victorian era, and even earlier, flowers came to have symbolic meanings. For instance, the hibiscus carried the message, “delicate beauty.” A red rose meant love; a yellow rose meant a decrease of love, or infidelity. Red tulips were a declaration of love, and yellow tulips meant “beautiful eyes.”
        If you got a bouquet of pansies, you could be much in the givers thoughts, for pansies meant “thoughts.”       
        Different colors of flowers may also carry different meanings. Look up flower meanings on the internet and see what kind of a message you can send through the colors and flowers you choose in your art.

Coloring Book Page

 I hope you get a copy of this and have fun coloring it.

Mother Nature sending Spring out to paint the world.


The first week’s flower is called Rosebud Rush. It’s one of my favorite patterns to use because it’s so pretty and versatile. It can be worked into any shaped space.

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