Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013

There is something mystical and magic about Celtic design used by Druids in old England—as well as the Scottish and Irish. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in March gives us the perfect excuse to conjure up this beloved art form.

If you’ll notice, the coloring book page uses designs, in some way, from each month’s lesson. For instance, week by week we will learn to draw a clover leaf, some simple Celtic knots, and a Celtic plait this month. All of those things are found in the coloring book page for March.

Here is another example of how the coloring can be done on the color book page.

This is a pre-school project for young children to color and make with Mom’s help.

Here is a March school project for the elementary grade children. Enjoy!

Next week I'll give you the first of four designs for March.

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